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Getting hurt on the job is more common than you think. As a construction worker, you constantly put your safety on the line, operating heavy machinery and being around large and heavy materials. As a nursing home nurse, live-in patients depend on you, often using your body as their anchor. Or you may work in a field where you could be exposed to harmful toxins. You may not have a specific accident, but your continuous and repetitive motion at work can often develop into a nagging pain. If you get injured at work or are experiencing pain from your job, you are entitled to workmen’s compensation, which includes:

• Compensation for lost wages and future financial burdens

• Free medical attention

• Reimbursement for past medical bills

• Damages for a disabled family member

• Vocational rehabilitation

• Home care

Click To Lawyers workmen’s’ compensation attorneys have helped countless numbers of people just like you, making sure you receive exactly what is owed to you. All of our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to deal with the cold hearted insurance companies, large corporations and opposing attorneys, who are not looking out for your best interest. You are our number one priority before, during and after the legal battles. Call Click To Lawyers for a free consultation, and we’ll put you in touch with the workmen’s compensation attorney who fits your needs.

1. Workmens’ Compensation Accident Attorney – Workmen’s compensation is defined as a payment or reimbursement of funds because of an injury that happened on the job. The California workers compensation law states that an employer must have workmen’s compensation insurance if they employ at least one person. Not having the insurance is a criminal offense. To get the maximum settlement for your injury and the inconveniences it has caused, contact Click to Lawyers. Workplace injuries can range from minor cuts and scrapes to more serious complications requiring professional attention. Some of these include concussions, back impairments, eyesight limitations, broken bones, internal damage and amputation. In any case, it is important to fully understand and be aware of legal options you are able to take and how the length and severity of the injury can affect the outcome. With the assistance of specially trained lawyers, like those at Click To Lawyers, injured parties and their families can receive the maximum monetary compensation to make up for lost work.

2. Toxic Exposure at workplace – If you work in an environment where you can be exposed to harmful toxins or chemicals it is important to protect yourself and for employers to protect you. But regardless of the preventive safety measures taken accidents can still occur. Sometimes the modern technology used to detect harmful toxins in the air fail and the exposure gets absorbed into the body. You may feel nauseous, dizzy, fatigued or other similar symptoms suddenly or over time. We highly recommend consulting with one of our knowledgeable attorneys in such scenarios. You are entitled to the best medical treatment and monetary compensation.

3. Carpal Tunnel & Continuous Trauma Injury Attorney – Jobs that involve repetitive movements can negatively affect your body on a long term basis. Office workers, cashiers, workers on assembly lines and others are at risk to develop carpal tunnel, which by the American with Disabilities Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act recognize as a disability. If this has happened to you, it’s time to seek help and guidance from Click To Lawyers.


What is Compensation?

After an employee has been injured resulting from either stress or physical injury, he or she will fill out a form to begin a workmen’s compensation claim process. The completed form is then sent to the employer’s insurance company who will pay the injured employee for time taken off work and any medical costs incurred. Workmen’s compensation is something all workers are entitled to.

Are All Employers Required to Have Workmen’s Compensation?

Yes! The California’s  Workers Compensation group has constructed laws in California that require an employer to have workmen’s compensation. In fact,  not having it is considered a criminal offense. Disregarding such laws can result in extreme punishment. According to the section 3700.5 of the California Labor code, an employer may go to county jail and be required to pay a total of $10,000, or both.

How Else Do Workmen’s Compensation Laws in California Help Injured Employees?

In September 2012 the state of California passed a new bill worker’s compensation bill (Senate Bill 863). One of the many goals in passing this bill was to increase benefits for disabled workers. Other major highlights include:

  • Increase in total permanent disability benefits by approximately $740 million per year
  • Provide $120 million in funding for return-to-work programs
  • Requiring employers to pay for independent medical and bill reviews

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Workmen’s Compensation Attorney?

At Click To Lawyers we won’t see a penny unless you do. We will fight your case until you see the justice you deserve. If you do not recover any money then you don’t pay us an attorneys fee.

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Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyers

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